Tech Camp 2018: Game Design with Blender

To download the Blender software for PC, Mac or Linux:

Blender Basic Controls Helpsheet:

Finished Games

Various Game Screens Under Construction

Fresh Files

Special Settings for your Computer

Make sure to SAVE any changes you make!
To get started creating a game, set the render engine to "Blender Game":
Blender Settings #1
Set the User Preferences to use the "3D View: 3D Navigation" Add-On:
Blender Settings #2
Set the User Preferences to auto-run Python Scripts:
Blender Settings #3

Audio Clips

These are from The site requires signing up for a free account. If you find something there that you want but do not want to create an account for yourself, that's okay: I have an account and I can download the files for you and post them here or put them on your USB drive.

Extra Blends to Append

Example Work Screens

Margo Burns, Game Design Project Leader, UNH Tech Camp